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Artist. Traveler. Explorer.

Born in Spain, Pablo had a distinguished 14-year dance career, of which he has spent many years in Los Angeles, New York, London, Madrid or Barcelona. He has since become a full time dedicated dancer and traveler.

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He was born in the Galicia region of Spain and raised in La Coruña, in a 245,000-population town with the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean in the country’s northwest green lands. He performed well at school, but he left his studies to pursuit a dance career at the age of 17, although he started to dance at the early age of 15.


Pablo's vision has always been related to the dance industry, but certainly also to travel. Both are his passions. It was in 2011 when he also thought of dedicating his life entirely to traveling, as he began to feel disconnected from traditional Western society and to discover that he felt at peace being in contact with nature, in other cultures and continents. His vision became a spiritual journey across the planet, passionate about discovering the secrets of our own existence, of the six continents, and of the natural wonders that surround us and showing it through his lens.

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Natural Mindset


Pablo has had to face many hard personal and professional moments that have forged a bulletproof mentality over the years. ​


He discovered that his mind had naturally evolved to feel emotionally stable in difficult situations, not to give up, and always go one step further. As big as the problems are, so big will be the solutions. ​


This allows him to push his body and mind at times to the limit to achieve his goals.

Achieving New Dreams


In September 2021 he officially announced his new journey: ‘WALKING AFRICA’, with a primary objective to connect with "The Cradle of Humanity", and send a message of awareness about the conservation of nature, respect for African land, the environment, climate change, human impact on nature, cultures, and species. Inspire the world to show that there are NO IMPOSSIBLES.

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